Something Big Masking Itself as Something Small–An Update


I recently lost most of my writings from wordpress, many of which I don’t have copies of. I’ve been unable to find a cause for this, all I know is that it has happened, leaving me to put everything back together. 

I’m thankful for it. This, along with an inclusion in Barton Smock’s “isacoustic”, have spurred a great deal of new works, and a far more positive outlook on my work, be it the poetry, or my various other pursuits. 

As for the name change, I’m returning to my mother’s maiden name. K Taylor is no longer here. Out of necessity, I’m following the words of Bob Dylan: “He not busy being born is busy dying”

Kristopher Biernatsky is getting busy getting born. 

“Dove Sta Amore” Short Film by K Biernatsky (PDF)

Screenplays, update

Below is the link to a short film I wrote called “Dove Sta Amore”. I got the title from a Ferlinghetti poem of the same name, though the context has been altered completely and unapologetically. Please let me know what you think!



A Sleep/Less Night: A to Z, Fowlpox Press, 2015

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It has been a while since I’ve mentioned my chapbook, A Sleep/less Night: A to Z (Fowlpox Press). You can read it HERE, in its entirety. Still grateful to Virgil Kay, the publisher of Fowlpox Press for accepting the piece.

I wrote the entire chapbook in a single night and the only editing was done the next morning over the course of around three hours as I typed the poems from my chicken-scratch drafts written on a few folded/stapled pieces of printer paper, then re-typed them from my typewriter (where I made a few more minor edits) into a word document. Moments later I hit send and by the end of the day I got an enthusiastic “yes” from Virgil Kay. Within a week the work was published and floating around the web. Very grateful, indeed.

Synesthesia Lit Journal excerpt of my work

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The wonderful online journal, Synesthesia, has posted an excerpt of one of my poems that was featured in their latest issue. I highly recommend the issue, as well as checking out the editor of the journal, Chris Gorrie, who is a multi-talented guru of the literary world and the San Diego music scene (Future Age, Liquid Whip, and the sensational Boychick).

Click HERE for the post.

3 poems of mine have been features on Dead Snakes

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Stephen Jarrell Williams’  poetry blog, Dead Snakes, is hosting 3 of my poems: “Harry Partch sitting quietly, reading a book,” “shoelaces in your private corner,” and “Reading Franz Wright and talking to you”. I am very grateful to be included on this wonderful blog. I urge you all to visit.

To see my three poems on Dead Snakes, click HERE.

Haiku Journal #29 feat. k.d. taylor

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Issue 29 of Haiku Journal features one of my haiku. It is available at the link above for purchase.


Haiku Journal Issue #29


Featuring poems by: 
Barbara Brooks, Jackie Maugh Robinson, Bill Melton, Katharina Riemer, Sandra Barnett, Patty Tancyus, James Roderick Burns, Helen Loy, Bill Johnston, Frank Geurrandeno, David Kelly, Jin Koh, Clarise Samuels, Jay Cates, Joseph Roberts, Arthur Morales, Scott Brewer, Nancy May, Chase Gagnon, Stu Buck, Tyson West, Howard Hendrix, Joan Gove, Dennis Lowe, Angeline Lavelle, Barbara Tate, Jennifer Carter, M. Sakran, James Bessant, Kevin Cope, Nells Wasilewski, Lisa Strunk, John Han, Felicia Mitchell, Deb Stafford, K.D. Taylor, Karla Padawer Solomon, Rose Thornton, Vinati Bhola, Greg Webster, Olfa Drid Derouiche, Jon Moss 

Buy Barton Smock’s “we stole not the same bread”

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Barton Smock, one of my favourite poets, has just come out with a new collection called “we stole not the same bread”
It is a tremendously wonderful collection that has captivated my attention all afternoon. Buy it at the link below, or check out Mr. Smocks other writings (as stated in the collection, he writes/posts daily) can be found at He is an amazing poet, way worth checking out.

buy it here