Haiku Journal #29 feat. k.d. taylor

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Issue 29 of Haiku Journal features one of my haiku. It is available at the link above for purchase.


Haiku Journal Issue #29


Featuring poems by: 
Barbara Brooks, Jackie Maugh Robinson, Bill Melton, Katharina Riemer, Sandra Barnett, Patty Tancyus, James Roderick Burns, Helen Loy, Bill Johnston, Frank Geurrandeno, David Kelly, Jin Koh, Clarise Samuels, Jay Cates, Joseph Roberts, Arthur Morales, Scott Brewer, Nancy May, Chase Gagnon, Stu Buck, Tyson West, Howard Hendrix, Joan Gove, Dennis Lowe, Angeline Lavelle, Barbara Tate, Jennifer Carter, M. Sakran, James Bessant, Kevin Cope, Nells Wasilewski, Lisa Strunk, John Han, Felicia Mitchell, Deb Stafford, K.D. Taylor, Karla Padawer Solomon, Rose Thornton, Vinati Bhola, Greg Webster, Olfa Drid Derouiche, Jon Moss 

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